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Selection Notice

Read the following to choose the right product

SUPLET power supply in continuous enrichment and more custom products, some products cannot be presented on this website in time. The information mentioned in the website is only used to guide the user to select the product, the product shape, parameters mentioned in the information cannot be directly used as the basis for product acceptance, Users shall be subject to confirmed specifications.

Product series

It is suggested that users should choose the appropriate product series according to the requirements of power supply characteristics, load characteristics, ambient temperature, cooling mode, and installation methods, and so on.

Output power

The power supply product "output power" is defined as the rated output power that meets the application environment and performance, and the user can select the appropriate product power level according to the power requirements of the load. For cost-effectiveness and reliability, the power supply should be used with appropriate derating. Recommended: Running for a long time, the output power of the power supply should not be more than 70% rated output power. Note: the power of some products at start-up some loads are much more powerful than the power of products are stable. If the start-up power of the product may be higher than the rating power, contact SUPLET sales, or technical support engineer to the right selection.


In general, if no protection, the output of the power supply cannot be directly connected to the inductive load, because the positive and negative spike voltage by the inductor easily damages the power supply. in the same way, a large capacitive load may cause the power supply to fail to start-up. When the power supply needs to be used under large capacity or high- inductive load conditions, it is recommended that the user contact SUPLET sales or technical support engineer to confirm the relevant parameter of the power supply.

Multiple output power supply

For some multi-output power supplies (two or more outputs), each output may not be "independent voltage regulation mode", and some outputs may adopt "non-independent voltage regulation mode". Users should carefully consider the distribution of various loads when using this kind of power supply, otherwise the voltage regulation accuracy of the output outlet of "non-independent voltage regulation mode" may not meet the requirements. When selecting or customizing the multi-output power supply, the user needs to confirm the power consumption status of each load in advance, and inform SUPLET sales or technical support engineer to the right selection.

Cooling mode

SUPLET products with a variety of housing materials and installation methods to meet different applications. Please according to electromagnetic, thermal, and environmental requirements to choose the appropriate housing material, according to vibration, shock and other requirements to choose the structure, installation method.